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PIPS (Personal infomation protect system) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130155D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-14
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Disclosed is a system for The Content-Analysis-Type Prevention System of Personal Data Leakage

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PIPS (Personal infomation protect system )


1. Issue

As one of the measures against information leakage, there is a need for prevention of information leaks from client machines. The following is a common action for it: 1)Collect operation logs from client machines. 2)Collect writing logs into an external storage media. For 1), however, the log is too big to analysis, and there is a trouble with operation. In addition, operation log itself can be high confidential data, so the very existence of it has a problem increasing the risk of a new information leakage. When it comes to 2), it doesn't have the risk that 1) has because only file name is logged and it contains no data. So it seems to be preferable to 1), however, the contents might not be imaginable from the file name. 2. Solution   The prevention of personal data leakage is originally required. This invention solves the problem that the method of 2) has by checking whether personal information is included in the file when the file is written to an external storage media.

Background of This Invention

While invasion of privacy and malicious usage of personal information, they are attributable to dissemination of personal information, become problems, strict handling of individual information is required such as a thorough enforcement of Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs in April 2005 in Japan.

In an enterprise, outflow of the personal data which the company own might make a negative impact on management, which is caused by not only legal issue but also credit blemishes of a company or damages.

Then, the method of controlling the handling of personal information in the enterprise was considered, and it became this invention.

(This system prevents individual information from flowing out by unintended operation beforehand, and supports the appropriate handling of personal information. )

Outline of Data Protection Solution

"Data Protection Solution" put limitations on the specific data on a client PC, and can prevent it from being printed or being written into external media such as USB...