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Radius Controlled Voltage and Frequency Scaling for Hard Disc Drives

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130252D
Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
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Radius Controlled Voltage and Frequency Scaling for Hard Disk Drives

September, 2005


For both home devices like Hard Disk Drive (HDD) recorders or Media Centres as well as mobile devices like portable audio or video players or mobile phones with such capabilities, low power consumption (and therefore increased playing time and decreased heat and noise dissipation) is a key differentiator. In such devices, the HDD takes up the biggest single part of the power budget. Decreasing the power consumption of the HDD (which includes the power consumption of both the mechanical parts as well as the electrical parts like the controller) is thus a very important challenge.


Part of the energy of a HDD is spent in the mechanical parts (motors and servos) of the drive. A significant contribution however is made by the data processing electronics of the device (e.g. error correction algorithms). The power consumption of these data processing units (e.g. CPUs) is related to the frequency (f) and voltage (V) applied to the unit in the following way


 V f


For this reason the most powerful mechanism to reduce power in such synchronously clocked systems is voltage and frequency scaling (i.e. minimising these levels while still maintaining enough computational power for the task at hand.).

However usually it is very difficult to determine (or predict) what the minimum required values of these parameters are that provide enough processing power. In this invention disclosure we propose a method for minimising the power consumption of the HDD by providing an accurate measure for these two parameters.

Basic Idea

A large part of the power consumed by the electronics in the HDD is determined...