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Driving Threshold in Dielectric coated Electrophoretic Displays Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130257D
Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
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Driving Threshold in Dielectric coated Electrophoretic Displays

This paper relates to passive matrix driving of electrophoretic diplays. An approach is disclosed how to create an electrical threshold in the electro-optical response by applying a suitable dielectric coating on one or both electrodes. The underlying principle is that part of the voltage is absorbed in this dielectric, limited by the total charge in the electrophoretic liquid. The benefits of this approach are lower costs and improved optical performance, because no additional gate electrode is needed and standard threshold-less electrophoretic liquids can be used.

Coat one or both electrodes with a dielectric layer that absorbs a part of the applied potential difference. This is based on the insight that for a given electrophoretic liquid a dielectric layer can be defined that absorbs the complete voltage, up to a controllable maximum. Then the electrophoretic liquid will only experience the part of the voltage that exceeds this controllable threshold.

Therefore, also a linear (Ohmic) conducting dielectric in combination with the electrophoretic liquid can show a non-linear electro-optical response. Basically this is because the electrophoretic liquid itself is already a non-linear conductor.