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Adaptive Answering Machine for Time Zone Sensitive Cellular Telephone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130259D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-18
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This article illustrate how cellular phones can adapt to time zone changes to help traveler users manage their communications.

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Adaptive Answering Machine for Time Zone Sensitive Cellular Telephone

Adaptive Answering Machine for Time Zone Sensitive Cellular Telephone

Adapting to time zone change is always a challenging task for traveling users.

    While traveling the user changes the time setting of it's cellular phone according to the new time zone. This operation is often performed automatically by GSM systems providers by mean of NITZ (Network Informed Time Zone). In other cases the setting is a manual task performed by the user.

    Either ways, this operation is by itself not enough to provide the user with an effective time zone change management. For example nothing prevents the traveling user to be called on the cell phone in the middle of the night just because someone has dialed the wrong number. On the contrary keeping the cellular phone switched off prevents to be reachable in those circumstances were user wants to be reached, for example when a family member is calling.

    In addition some cellular phone allow for grouping of phone numbers into categories. For example family, office, important customers, others etc. However this function itself does not allow to selectively manage the incoming calls.

    The proposed solution is to offer a software component that allows the system to react to an incoming call in an adaptive way depending basically on a set of elements such as when the call is received and the call originator.

    The proposed solution provides for one or more time windows that the Cellular Phone user can define. For each time window the user can specify the phone numbers (or group of phone numbers) that are allowed in the time windows....