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file name collisions resolver when moving data between folders Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130260D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-18
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This article deals with file names collisions when moving files from one location to the other.

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file name collisions resolver when moving data between folders

Problem Scope (file name collisions when moving data between folders)

    When moving large amounts of data files from one location to the other it is often likely to encounter file names collisions.

    File name collisions exist because at file creation time the file name is assigned respect to the limited scope of the current directory. So for example when unloading digital images form a camera the file name assigned to the image is always restarted from 1 and the image is placed in a temporary directory that is created with a time stamp.

    When those images are later on moved to a more suitable location (for example to a directory in preparation of a CD-ROM burn) names collisions a re likely to occur.

    Furthermore collisions occur regardless the types of files. Form of the digital nature

    On operating systems like Windows the collision is managed with a pop-up panel that offers to the user options like the following:

    Those options are not fully satisfactory. Maybe the panel is shown in the middle of the copy, when several files were already moved. Also the number of files affected by this situation is unpredictable.

    On unix systems, the situation is even more complicated as the collision is detected while operating from a command line.

Proposed Solution

    The proposed solution is to offer the user an option so that the system can resolve the file collision automatically by changing the name of the file when it...