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Broadcast projector Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130263D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-18
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A box to broadcast via DVB-H a screen to other PC including a DVB-H receiver, the Content is in MPEG format any player could play the content. During the connection phase a key number is provided to secure and to authenticate the users.

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Broadcast projector

Usually a teacher uses presentations (such as Microsoft Powerpoint®) and Black board. If the conference room is very important and if there is a lot of people in the audience, the presentation is distributed by CD-ROM or is projected on a screen.

Main problems we are today facing are:
· people are always in other slides,
· users don't have the custom animation or included videos or demos,
· audio quality is very bad in a conference room not equipped with microphones and audio-speakers.

    The solution consists in building a new Box with a video connection that is responsible to broadcast the images to the user's PC via DVB-H.

    The users will be able to receive the images via a DVB-H receiver inside their portable PC or via a Mobile compatible DVB-H. DVB-H receiver could be proposed to the attendees of the education.

    For security reason a key will be provided to the right person to decrypt the broadcast content.

This new box will include a camera fire wire connection.

    This box will contain a screen output, allowing the teacher and close student to see what is broadcasted.

Figure 1 shows an infrastructure according to the present invention:


Figure 2 provides the actions flow:


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Teacher PC

A d m i n




Encoder Share Key

VGA Driver



Student PC

decoder Share Key

Video Player

DVB-H Receiver

3 4

1) The teacher will provide the Code Pin to open the student access via th...