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Software usage detection via radio frequency capable device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130266D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-18
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Exploitation of radio frequency capable devices for software usage detection and software inventory

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Software usage detection via radio frequency capable device

Problem Scope

    Software usage detection and inventory is a key function is system management discipline.

    Those functions are based on the acquisition of client machine information by mean of system management client that are running on the client machine itself.

    The data that is gathered on client machines is forwarded to a target machine acting as a system management server. The data is then computed on this server machine.

    This disclosure is related to the integration between the software usage detection and inventory discipline with the radio frequency capable device in order to offer a more complete and reliable and flexible solution.

    The result of such integration will definitely enlarge the software usage detection scope to those environments that are not covered at this time

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution is summarized in the following diagram:

    The advantage provided by the proposal is to ensure that the usage of critical applications can be detected and possibly allowed/disallowed also on those " disconnected environments " that can not rely on a network connection. Such disconnected environment include but are not limited to WiFi, GSM/GPRS.


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