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e-Finance Security level optimization with user life style Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130297D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-19
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Disclosed is a system for bank account security improvements by optimization with user life style such as time/date zone, location area.

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e-Finance Security level optimization with user life style

Bank account is secured by the combination of"bank card" and "password"now. But, bank card /password is stolen occationally. System described here utilize bank accout owner 's life stype pattern such as  date/time zone and location area combination. For example, Senior citizen stay local area most of the time. Office worker usually use ATM during lunch break atnear office. So to utilize these lyfe style pattern, bank account security can be improved with minimum inconveniense . To utilize biometrics authentification of samrt phone or IC card improve security further.

These option setting ia made through ATM, smart phone, Internet anytime.

Bank account

card ID/password

User ID

Biometrics control

Time zone





( current method )

higher security level




Current method

this invention:

Combination of these is optional

This system is realised with Device: IC card (which may be embedded in samrt phone)

Time data : system clock, GPS clock, etc.

Location data : ATM location(data exist in system), smart phone GPS, wireless-LAN locator function, hotspot. etc.