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Reminder System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130323D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-19
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Disclosed is a method to automatically send a reminder to the people regarding their impending action item, This method is embodied in the Reminder System. The reminders are initiated by the sender of the action item instead of the recipient. The Reminder System sends reminders using email, calendar, instant messaging system, pager or any other communication system.

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Reminder System

Everyone manages day-to-day activities using emails, calendars, TO DO's and action items. When you send an email or a calendar invite to a set of people, you expect a reply back from the recipients. More often than not, due to other commitments, the recipients fail to respond to the email, calendar invite or an action item. In order to get prompt responses, the sender has to manually remind the recipients. The present concept uses a central reminder system that handles reminder requests and sends the reminders out at the appropriate time and through the appropriate means of communication.

The method follows:

A sender of an action item registering the action item in the Reminder System. The sender specifies when and how to remind the recipient(s) of the action item. An action item consists of any action which needs the recipient's response. It can be in the form of an email, calendar invitation, database action item, instant message or phone call.

At the specified times, the system will send out the appropriate reminder to the recipient. When the action item is performed or replied to, the Reminder System is notified and reminders are suspended momentarily.

When the sender deems the action item complete, the action item is removed from the Reminder System.

To facilitate this method, the following values should be defined:
1. A sender profile in the Reminder System. This profile specifies when and how the Reminder System sends reminders for the actio...