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WBI InterChange Server Adapter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130331D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-20
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The core idea is to use the WBI (Web Intermediaries) Adapter Framework to develop an ICS (Intergated Computer Solutions) specific adapter as any other application adapter.

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WBI InterChange Server Adapter

To implement the solution, each ICS would have at least one ICS Adapter communicating with the other ICS through their dedicated ICS adapter.

For a pure dispatching scenario, when an event is received by a given ICS from an application,
It triggers a passthrough dispatching collaboration object connected on the output side to the ICS connector.

The ICS adapter agent convert the Relationship Instance Id attributes value to a unique (across all the other ICS) value.

The event is submitted to each of the target ICS. For each of them: 1 - The target ICS determine wether the event type is subscribed by ICS (that is, there is collaboration handling such event connected to the ICS adaptor). If it is not the case the submiting adaptor is warned. 2 - In the other case, the event is persistently saved and fully abandonned under the responsability of the ICS. 3 - The internal polling mechanism of the target ICS handles each of the events left under its responsability sequencially. 4 - Before handing over the vent to the ICS itself the Relationship Instance Id unique value previously calculated is converted to a local value.

Below is a chart describing the current status of a prototype developped to validate all these ideas:

Each ICS Adaptor Agent act as a server supporting one or several communication prototol (RMI, IIOP, MQ, etc.) in order to receive events from other ICS.

An ICS Adaptor agent will submit an event to several other ICS apdaptor...