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API C2C Use of the TSM Client as an External Data Mover Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130392D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-21
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A program is disclosed that allows utilizing a common data movement engine through a well defined application programming interface (API) that allows for rapid application development with minimal expense. The solution is described referencing the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) family of products, and focuses on how to extend functionality to support a new data backup paradigm - snapshot using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS). Currently each API application writes its own data movement engine regardless of the location of the data. In the existing model the API application usually interfaces through an API to a CRM/DB application like DB2, ORACLE, SAP etc and moves data that is receives from the application to the TSM API. In the snapshot model the data resides in files and volumes - data movement is done from a local file system. A preferred solution would be a well established data movement engine and a common interface through the TSM API that would allow all applications to use these new technologies with minimal changes to their Backup applications.

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API C2C Use of the TSM Client as an External Data Mover

The idea behind this disclosure is to enhance the TSM API to support Client to Client (C2C) communication so an application could communicate to the local TSM FSagent - ( a service that runs on the local machine and encapsulates the TSM backup archive (BA) functionality) and use the local FSagent on the same physical machine as the data mover through the TSM API. Using C2C constructs for verification of user authority and the proxynode (the ability to use one node as an agent node on behalf of another ) on the TSM server for setup.

The interface will be generic so that the application could specify any kind of data movement that is supported by the TSM BA client. Using this interface an application could drive a VSS backup or an Image backup or even a file level backup, all through an interface that will require a name type and action. By using this mechanism any API application could be enhanced to support backup of these objects without the cost of writing a unique data mover. Moreover the API applications will benefit from any future enhancements to the TSM BA client in support of new objects or snapshot technologies (SVC, DS Family , ESS, Microsoft VSS).


1. Easy addition of new functionality into all API applications.
2. Transparent integration (unicode, grouping all non issues from application point of view)
3. Component based development.
4. Can also be used internally for TSM products for fast solution delivery. TDP (Tivoli Data Protection) - could be any application that uses TSM API.


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TDP application



 Common code communication layer

Remote FSagent


Remote FSagent


Local TSM FSagent



The Base idea is to use the Client to client (C2C) communication protocol as a building block for creating a conduit f...