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Use Of Mailing "Sets" For Managed Customer Communications In An Enterprise-Wide IT Migration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130398D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Oct-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Oct-22
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A method is described for selecting a standard set of communications documents from a library of approved documents for a large scale IT migration project. The selection is based upon the migration scenario appropriate for a particular project or site. If no existing set fits the migration requirements, a new set of documents can be created either from an existing set or as a completely new set. A system was developed and implemented for creating and maintaining the standard sets of documents, and for replicating the appropriate set of documents to an instance of a communications database being created for a new project.

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Use Of Mailing "Sets" For Managed Customer Communications In An Enterprise -Wide IT Migration

As part of a large scale workstation hardware upgrade affecting many people in an organization, standardized approved communications had to be created. However, because of the number of facilities to be migrated and differences between them, one set of documents would not fit all facility migration scenarios. There didn't exist a methodology for selecting a standard set of documents from a library of approved documents.

This invention allows you to create a set of mailing documents for migration scenario #1, a second set of documents for migration scenario #2, etc. The project employee when setting up a site for migration could select which migration scenario fits best and then pick the appropriate set of communication documents. If none of the migration scenarios fit, the closest set of documents can be selected, modified, approved, and placed in the document library. This new set of documents could then be used for this project and future projects. Having multiple sets of documents provides for flexibility needed as well as the standardization required in a large scale migration.

As part of a large scale hardware upgrade migration, facilities are migrated on a facility by facility basis. Many communications have to be created and approved. The standard set of documents will be used whenever possible. However, not all facility migrations are exactly alike. Minor differences might require a new set...