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Parallel Booster Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130422D
Publication Date: 2005-Oct-24
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Booster ESP, running 2 motors with one cable in tandem (series) configuration to reduce the total length of the system. The pumps are placed in parallel configuration. Different alternatives are available to make the same thing, always ussing 2 ESP systems assembled in parallel. The system would help to compete with multiphase pumps.

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Title of Invention:

Novel method for using ESP Gas Separators with PC Pumps.

Abstract of the Invention:

Testing indicates that standard ESP gas separators will work with Progressive Cavity Pumps although Progressive Cavity Pumps operate at 1/10 the RPM and normally pump more viscous fluid than standard ESP equipment. Gas separators on standard equipment normally transfer the separated liquid to the centrifugal pump through an annular passage through the pump base. The Progressive Cavity Pumps base must incorporate a heavy-duty radial bearing for shaft support and has no room for adequate fluid passages. Normal application of Progressive Cavity Pumps requires larger passageways due to the viscosity of the fluid. The invention relates to methods to conduct the fluid around the bearing with little or no modifications to standard designs. This will allow the use of standard equipment without the expense of developing a new set of special gas separation devices and special Progressive Cavity Pumps systems.