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Use of a heating belt to externally heat fusing rolls or fuser belt Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130687D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-01
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This disclosure proposes use of a thin heating belt rather than heated rollers or heat pipes to extenally heat a roll fuser.

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Use of a heating belt to externally heat fusing rolls or fuser belt

External heat rolls or heat pipes, used to heat fuser rolls or fuser belts, become contaminated or damaged during use requiring frequent removal.  This is expensive from a part cost basis and a service cost basis.

An external heating belt would be a thin thermally conductive belt that could transfer heat through itself from external heat rolls or heat pipes to a fuser roll.  The replacement of an external heating belt would be more cost effective for service because the only part that would be replaced frequently would be the belt.  The belt could be slipped off the external heating devices.  Since only the externally heating belt would have to be replaced, there is a part cost savings.  The external heating belt would also allow for lower fuser roll contact temperature by increasing the dwell (the amount of time the heating surface is in contact with the fuser roll).