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Internal First Copy Out Time and Copies Per Minute Timings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130690D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-01
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This disclosure describes an improved method to measure the first copy out time and the copies per minute to confirm machine performance after a new software installation.

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Internal FCOT and CPM Timings

FCOT (First Copy Out Time) and CPM (Copies Per Minute) are a means of assuring the productivity of a machine.  Measurements are taken every time new software is installed to confirm that the software meets the requirements as detailed in the product performance specification.


Currently, this involves making two connections between the machine being tested and an Oscilloscope used to take readings.  One disadvantage with this method is the length of time to complete a number of tests for various paper sizes (e.g. approximately 1 hour including setting up connections).  Another issue is the accuracy of results.  Since a technician carries out the procedure, the chances of introducing errors during measurements are relatively high and sometimes will require additional measurement. 


Add a feature in Diagnostics (software) purely to enable a Time Counter.

Enable the Timer in Diagnostics.

Submit Copy which will initiate/start the Timer.

As the sheet clears the exit sensor the Timer will stop counting.

Measured time would then be available for recording e.g. displaying the result on the graphical user interface or GUI.

Print out of results could be an additional option.

After completing the measurements, the feature Timer should be Disabled, exit Diagnostics.

Timer should be “Disabled” as Default.


- Reducing the measurement time significantly, e.g. 2-3 minutes per test.

- Reducing errors by leaving the most crit...