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Method to Optimize Mobile Device Resources Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130695D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-01
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The method described in this invention is to allow users to "archive" rather than remove certain data from the device. This archiving method will allow users a simple way to re-access the selected data that has been removed from the device.

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Method to Optimize Mobile Device Resources

Mobile devices such as smart phones, PDA's, and other palm-top devices have limited resources, such as storage capacity. When using a synchronization product, the user/system must manage the amount of data that transfers to the device and remains on the device to ensure that the user does not run out of local storage space. One solution is to add an external storage card for additional storage space. However, when a storage card is not added or when the storage card runs out of space, the task of manually removing data from and managing data on the device to make room for subsequent transfer can become highly-demanding of users' time and energy. One method employed by some synchronization products is to automatically remove data based on age or some other user-defined characteristic. Although the data is removed from the mobile device, it will typically remain on the server or desktop system. Some products also allow an option by which the system will remove additional data outside the defined removal set when additional space is needed for incoming data.

The main problem with the current solutions is that once the data is removed from the device, there is no easy method to re-access selected data. For example, a user might set the system to keep 3 weeks of email on the device; however, periodically, the user may have a need to re-access, from his mobile device, an email message that is 2 months old. In that case, there...