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Maximize Portlets Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130717D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-02
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Disclosed is a system that aims to allow the maximization of a portlet in an Internet portal.

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Maximize Portlets

Disclosed is a system that aims to allow the maximization of a portlet in an Internet portal. A known problem with portlets today is the inability to maximize a particular portlet. The disclosed system allows for a portlet to be maximized to a maximum desired size as prescribed by the portal designer.

The system idea involves the user giving each portlet a priority number as well as values for size (including, but not limited to minimum, default, and maximum size). The size may be rectangular, specifying a height/width but is not limited to any specific geometric shape.

The portal administrator will build the portal page as usual, but will have the option to have a dynamic layout manager set the layout. The layout manager will take the size of the whole window and try to place the portlets in the window with the default size; if the default size will not work, then portlets with lower priority will be resized to less than the default size, or the minimum size. If the minimum size still does not allow the portlets to fit, consequently, the portlet will extend past the viewable area, then a scroll bar could be added.

The portal administrator will follow the normal procedure of normal portal administration by adding the portlets to a page:
1) Install the portlet.
2) Be able to view all the available portlets and give each one a priority.
3) The portal administrator will also be able to define a size for each portlet (that is, define a minimum, default, and maximum size).
4) The portal administrator will then perform the norma...