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Application of Design Patterns for Automated WBI Adapter Testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000130734D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-03
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This article describes an automated test harness which is used to test WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) adapters. It provides an overview of the product and discusses the design patterns used in its implementation.

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Application of Design Patterns for Automated WBI Adapter Testing


This article describes a flexible and extensible test harness which automates test cases selected from the WBI adapter test suite for WBI adapters. The test harness runs test scripts that are based on the WBI Adapter QA test suites. The adapters run as a standalone entity across all adapter supported platforms.

The invention allows the WBI Adapter QA group to automate the testing of adapters when:

A major, minor or patch version of an adapter is released





Previous solutions included creation of scripts which played back keyboard strokes, simulating user interaction. However, this was not fail-safe because of timing issues and/or user-interface changes. Another shortcoming was that only the Windows release of the adapter could be tested since the scripts could not be created for Unix platforms.

Product Overview

The test harness supports connector agents running within the standalone connector framework. The test harness runs on a Windows machine and supports connector agents running on AIX, HP, Linux, Solaris and Windows platforms.

Below is a high-level architectural diagram:

The test harness presents a user interface that allows the user to select test cases. When the user clicks on the "Run" icon, the test harness executes the selected test cases, displays the results on the screen and saves the results to disk.

Below is a screen shot from the test harness:

The agent infrastructure is updated

A new application version is released

A new operating system is supported by the adapter


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Below is an activity diagram with two swimlanes, one for User activities and one for Test Harness activities:

The test harness is installed as an Eclipse plugin written in Java. It has several components:


This component handles activities 1 and 2, when the user selects the test cases and presses...