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Imprint Lithography release layer deposition on polymer imprinting master. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131033D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-04
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Imprint Lithography Release Layer Deposition on Polymer Imprint Master

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Imprint Lithography release layer deposition on polymer imprinting master .

  One scheme of using imprint lithography for producing patterned media for disk drive applications requires a flexible stamper which consists of a thin, flexible backing plate and a thin patterned layer of a photopolymer. Replication of the stamper pattern onto the disk surface is performed by a UV cure of a liquid photopolymer resist. The large separation force required to separate the stamper from the imprinted disk because both are similar polymer chemistries, can be decreased significantly by surface treatment of the stamper before imprinting. Exposure of the stamper photopolymer to a tetrafluoromethane CF4 plasma will create a surface which is similar to Teflon. (C-H)3 pairs on the surface are replaced with (C-F)3 pairs, which results in a lower release energy requirement an thus lower release force. This ease of separation will increase the throughput of the imprinting process and increase stamper lifetimes.

Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation