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Real Time Statistics Extended Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131067D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-07
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This article provides an approach to exploit and expand upon the current functionality provided by Real Time Statistics(RTS), a feature of DB2 z/OS.

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Real Time Statistics Extended

"Real Time Statistics Extended"

This technical article provides details for an approach to exploit and expand upon the current functionality provided by Real Time Statistics, a feature of DB2 z/OS.

The major benefits for the additional functionality provide the DB2 z/OS DBA significantly improved management of DB2 Utilities: - The ability to prioritize Utility requirements by DB2 object - Functionality to determine by priority what can run in a specific time window

o Including the ability the estimate the run time of the Utility - Evaluate the prioritize list and manage the utilities requirements with DB2 client site flexibility - Generate the JCL(job control language) to run the selected utilities

- Provide a History component to Real Time Statistics that will provide a different statistical view to be used in the selection and prioritization of DB2 objects for utility management and execution

The combination of the 5 areas above makes this process unique to the industry and provides practical assistance to the DB2 z/OS DBA. This kind of functionality can be directly considered for adding functionality to DB2 tools.

Although this process can be used to manage different DB2 utilities like IMAGE COPY, RUNSTATS and REORG, it has the most practical use in managing REORG. The focus of this paper and presentation is on managing REORG, but could be used to manage IMAGE COPY and RUNSTATS.

Real Time Statistics(RTS) is a DB2 z/OS feature that collects statistics that can be used to determine when to perform certain maintenance functions on DB2 tablespaces and indexspaces. RTS is a feature that was initially provided with DB2 V7 z/OS. RTS information is stored in two DB2 tables, SYSIBM.TABLESPACESTATS and SYSIBM.INDEXSPACESTATS.

"Real Time Statistics Extended"

Why Manage Reorgs

* Saves CPU and other system resources by executing Reorg utilities as needed

* Improves ability to increase and maintain DB2 DASD efficiency

* Increases application availability by prioritizing reorgs

* Save processing time while getting desired preferred results

* Improve application performance

* The goal is to provide assistance in improved management of what DB2 objects need to be reorged by providing:

* A prioritized list of tablespaces or indexes that need to be reorged

Steps 1A and 1B below

* Provide flexibility in a Reorg window time frame

Step 2 Below

* Estimate run time for reorgs

Step 3 Below

* Schedule reorgs based on run time and reorg windows

Step 4 Below

* Generate the JCL for the reorgs that can be run


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Step 5 below

* Provide a Real Time Statistics History component that delivers additional statistics that can be used in Step 1A and 1B as well as information for Step 4 Step 6 below

"Real Time Statistics Extended"

1A. Prioritized list of tablespaces or indexes that need to be reorged.

Using a standard SQL selection process with different variations for the WHERE (filtering), a Priority List of tablespaces w...