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Integrated KVM network switch Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131068D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-07
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In a multi-system environment, a network switch and KVM switch is often required as separated piece of equipment. And often it will require up to 5 (or more) separate cables per system: Power, Network, Mouse, Keyboard, Video.

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Integrated KVM network switch

Main Idea

Today's KVM switch often is separated from Network switches and Remote Power management. Although some KVM switches now use IP for remote desktop access. They are only focused for remote desktop purpose.

With this invention, we will combine the functionality of a KVM switch, Network Switch and remote power management all into a single unit. And since, all the functions are now combined into a single unit, a single cable (w/ multiple carrier) can be use to reduce the overall cable count.

Cable: 5 separate 'cable' will be bundle as a single cable. Which include 15A Power cord, Network (Cat 5e), Mouse, Keyboard and Video Cable (15pin VGA or DVI). This will make cable management much easier.

Integrated KVM Network switch: Single for Keyboard, Mouse and Video will be fed to the unit, either via remote or local control, input for Keyboard and mouse and output for video can be fed to a local device or remote desktop. The unit will also acting as a network switch for network communication between servers connected to the switch as well as other network devices. A solid state relay will control the power for each server connected to it, and it can be turned on/off/recycle (i.e. reboot in case server has no response) via local or remote control.

A web interface will be used for remote control of the power, and network switch configuration (e.g. setting VLAN, routing, IP filtering, simple Firewall rules etc).

Remote KVM access, can be...