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Recipe Driven Integrated Test Environment for Enterprise Application Integration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131135D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-07
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Disclosed is an user interface solution of business application integration testing process. Typical business application integration entails a complex interaction between numerous disjoint participants with their own specific requirements. Developing just one participant with sufficient domain knowledge ultimately requires some broad understanding of the whole when it comes to testing the solution because of the inherent interdependency amongst participants. Recipe driven integrated testing solution attempts to solve commonly encountered problems in business integration testing by providing all required components and procedures in a recipe like format.

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Recipe Driven Integrated Test Environment for Enterprise Application Integration

In an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution development environment, there are many participating components that interact with each other in complex manner. The number of participants is in the order of 10's and 100's. The development and configuration of the vast number of components make the EAI solution a challenge.

However, one area that is overlooked often is how to test the components under development. Software system development is an iterative process in which testing provides the constant feedback to the system under development. In other words, it is not simply possible to construct a complete software system that satisfies a verification test once at the end of the development cycle. Testing is an integral part of any software system development. It validates the intent and the design of the system. In a sense, it guides the course of the development. It may very well be that the majority of software system development time is spent in testing. It is even more so in EAI domain because of the sheer number of disjoint components involved. It takes time and knowledge to setup a stage for testing even one simple component because of the intense interaction that is required by the component. The setup process involves many peripheral participants, and they have to play their roles in correct sequence for the test to even begin.

Traditionally, it has been taken for granted that testing processes require such tedious and time-consuming manual tasks along with a significant amount of solution specific knowledge on the tester's part.

One solution to this typical testing process is to provide an environment where all predictable tasks are clearly laid out in a well organized manner. Tasks should be performed with as much automation as possible. Additionally, all tasks should be carried out in entirety within one environment. Ideally, this integrated environment should be all that is needed, nothing more.

A good analogy of the proposed solution is preparing a delicacy that requires many ingredients and proper steps. Often, this process is performed by a skilled chef because it is not easy for a non-experienced cook to master. Undoubtedly, if any mere mortals want to giv...