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Workstation user presence trigger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131138D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-08
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The article deals with a common behavior of screensaver of computer that are turned on on time basis. Here is proposed a more reliable method to be used as trigger to activate defined workstation modes.

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Workstation user presence trigger

    Today computers are turned into standby mode or a screensaver is activated (for security reason) when a user is not using either the keyboard or the mouse for a defined time. So the user may be frustrated as he has to log again to the computer to go on working or simply look at the monitor even if when he has been seated in front of it during a period of time greater than the defined time.

    The solution to this problem consists in implementing a control to recognize the presence of the user, the control being used as a trigger for the above described mode.

    A new trigger should be introduced for workstations, this new trigger being really able to discriminate if the mode of the workstation must be changed. One example is a control on a chair which can recognize that the user is seated in front of the workstation so that there is no reason for the screensaver or the standby mode to be activated. This will reduce user frustration increasing in the same time his productivity.

    A simple implementation of this solution is to apply an IrDA (IrDA is a trademark of Infrared Data Association) defined port on the chair that is turned on when person is seated (throught a simple weight control). So long as the workstation and the chair are connected via the infrared port, the screensaver mode is disabled. A similar control can be applied, for example, using a cellular phone as a trigger: so long as the phone is close to the workstation, the scr...