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Date Created Field for Calendar and Address Entries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131142D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-08
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There is a great need for identifying the date created for calendar entries and address entries. The Calendar tools should store 2 additional fields: date created and date last modified. These should be displayed for calendar entries and address entries. If there are 2 calendar entries made for the same event, one contained more current information, it is difficult to track which one is to be used. The date created and modified field may be used to decide the valid calendar entry. For an address entry, the date created field will help to decide, if it is stale or an updated one. People carry multiple address books and this will help in deciding which entries is the latest.

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Date Created Field for Calendar and Address Entries

People have multiple address books and many times there is a need to synchronize them. Users may wonder if an address entry is current and in these situations a date created field may be used to determine if the address is "new / valid" or "old / stale". Occasionally you may want to prune address entries based on date created field.


Identify Stale Entries

Merge Address Books
Update Address Entries

Suggested Inplementation

Keeps track when the address entry was last updated.

Helps to check the validity of the data for the address entry Determine if the address entry is old or new.

Using the date created field address entries can be sorted to prune data. The data will be useful to synchronize address books.

Date Created field for Calendar Entries:

Meeting rooms and conference call details change and many calendars do not provide updates. Users create multiple entries and are not sure which one is the latest. People book dates or block dates for events in the future and at times block multiple dates for the same event. When revisiting the calendar entry, one would like to decide which entry is correct, the most recent one may not be the correct one, but the date created may give the user help in deciding which one is the correct entry.


When we have multiple calendar entries, the created date will help decide which is most recent.

Conference room may have changed.

Calling information may have ch...