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External source selection in TV

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131143D
Publication Date: 2005-Nov-08
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External source selection in TV

As an increasing number of external devices can nowadays be connected to a TV set, source selection becomes a troublesome issue in current TV products. Some TVs have a single source selection button. Prressing this button causes the TV to cycle through all possible sources. It may take quite some time for a user to access his/her desired source in this manner. Other products have a selection button for each possible external source. This requires a lot of buttons to be put on a small remote control. Yet another solution is selection from a menu which shows all the connectors from which the user can select his/her desired source. Such a list can very large and will be even longer in the future.

In actual use, not all signal sources are active. In view thereof, it is proposed to run a small piece of software in a TV that maintains a list of sources that are actually active, meaning that an external device is connected and/or switched on. An example of such a list is shown below.

Source Name Status

TV(RF) Active

Ext 1 Active
Ext 2 Inactive
Ext 3 Inactive
Component Inactive
HDMI1 Active
HDMI2 Inactive
PC Inactive

When a source selection key is now pressed, a list of active sources is constructed and displayed. Since only few sources are usually active, the list displayed to the user will be short. In the above example, the following menu would be displayed.

Furthermore, user habits can be monitored. This allows the more popular sources to ap...