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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 1 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131226D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Jan-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Data Systems offers first magnetic bubble mass storage system * Add on memory for PDP-11 requires one Unibus load * Diablo introduces 2741-compatible printer terminal * New tape cassette option for fixed data collection terminals * Generalized graphics macros offered for Analyzer family * ADO introduces Advent 1000 business computer * Cullinane introduces report generator for IBM System/3 * in-7700 memory system introduced by Intel * Cipher Data introduces Whisper Drives * Sperry Univac broadens 1100/80 systems range * BST introduces diskette entry/output device for IBM System/3 * New digital purser probe from CSC * 43 teleprinter now available in friction feed version * New multi user, 32 bit system extends DEC's PDP 11 family * Harris expands distributed data processing products, adding IBM 3270 compatibility * Modular raster scan video imaging systems * Add-in memory provides 32K words for Nova 800, 1200 series * Xerox offers modular display typing system * SRL offers color TV display

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Data Systems offers first magnetic bubble mass storage system

Data Systems Design has introduced the first mass storage system using magnetic bubble technology.

The new DSD 640 is a DEC-compatible, nonvolatile memory system designed to replace floppy disks in harsh environments. It has an average access time of 4 msec compared to an average access time of 313 msec for a floppy disk (including latency). Maximum access time of the DSD 640 is 7.2 msec.

According to Data Systems, the use of magnetic bubble technology brings several advantages to applications currently served by floppy disks. Because the solid state device has no moving parts, mean time between repairs is estimated at 10,000 hours. The nonvolatile memory retains information indefinitely in case of power loss, and its rugged nature makes it well-suited for many applications where floppy disks are difficult to use and maintain.

Boards, power supply, and chassis of the modular DSD 640 can be pulled for testing and replacement; mean repair time is 30 minutes. A self-testing microcode guards against undetected errors, while multiple indicator diagnostic lights permit troubleshooting to the board level. Troubleshooting to the component level is simplified by built-in signature analysis.

The DSD 640 is a direct replacement for existing floppy disks in DEC computer systems. It comes complete with interface board, cables, schematics, documentation package, and diagnostics. According to DSD, the user simply removes the floppy disk unit and plugs in the 640.

The system has an expandable capacity with up to 519K bytes available in single card increments of 82K. It also features a microprogrammed bipolar bit slice controller which supervises all memory operations and data transfers to the computer.

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