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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 9 -- New Literature

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Original Publication Date: 1978-Sep-01
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New Literature * Tektronix instruments. * Data-base management. * Computer Power Center. * Microprocessor testing. * Data-base administration. * State of the art reports. * Datapro reports. * Pocket calculators. * Business systems. Recent Announcements Recent Microsystems Announcements

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New Literature Tektronix instruments.

Forty-page catalog describes TM 500 family of modular test and measurement instruments. Write Tektronix. PO Box 500, Beaverton, OR 97077.

Data-base management.

Information on Model 204 interactive DBM system includes details on user language, data-base structure, application development. Write Computer Corporation of America, 575 Technology Square. Cambridge, MA 02139.

Computer Power Center.

Four-page brochure describes CPC system and features, lists models. Write Emergency Power Engineering, 3593 Cadillac Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Microprocessor testing.

Millenium Systems, Inc., offers 8-page application note, Programming with USA MicroSystem Analyzer Booklet explains format of test PROMs used with device. Available from Inquiries Manager, 19020 Pruneridge Ave., Cupertino, CA 95104: (408)996-9109.

Data-base administration.

Order NBS study of government data base administrators, stock number 003-003- 01900-3. from Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402 is2.20).

State of the art reports.

Auerbach announces 1978 Infotech Computer State of the Art Report Series. Eight reports are priced at $260 each. For free 28-page catalog, write Auerbach Publishers, Dept. 101, 6560 North Park Dr., Pennsauken, NJ 08109.

Datapro reports.

Four new reports cover plug- compatible and off-line printers, alphanumeric display terminals, microcomputers, and microprocessors. Reports are $12 each from Datapro Research Corporation, 1805 Underwood Blvd., Delran, NJ 08075: for more information. call Don Welsher, i609) 764-0100.

IEEE Computer Society, Sep 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 9, Pages 102-105

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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 9 -- New Literature

Pocket calculators.

Eight-page brochure from Hewlett-Packard describes three new scientific calculators: HP-31E, 32E, and 33E. Heu~lett-Packard Personal Calculator Digest is also available from Inquiries Manager, Hewlett- Packard Co., 1507 Page Mill Road. Palo Alto, CA 94304.

Business systems.

Perkin-Elmer's Interdata 700 and 800 systems are described in a new 12-page brochure available from Marketing Communications Department, Perkin- Elmer/lnterdata, 2 Crescent Place, Oceanport, NJ 07757.

Recent Announcements

A continuing new products feature








July 21 MOS

NEC Micro- computers ~PD8085A $12 Microprocessor

Internal clock, 4-level interrupt, and serial l/O port.


PD8155/8156 $11 Static RAM

Organized 256x...