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BOOK REVIEWS * B78-24 Computer Capers -- T. Whiteside * B78-25 Dimension PBX and Alternatives -- Nicholas Fiekowsky, et al.,

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B78-24 Computer Capers -- T. Whiteside

(New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1978, 164 pp., $7.95)

This book succeeds in concisely presenting the dominant role of the computer in information processing which has led to computer abuse and computer-related crime. It summarizes individual cases of physical attacks on computers, destruction of stored data, and the use of the computer in embezzlement schemes involving millions of dollars. From these cases, patterns emerge which indicate that a legal framework is non-existent for coping with computer-related criminal acts. (For example, cases are cited where multimillion dollar computer-aided embezzlers received fines of $1000 and probation.) The book then examines proposed legislation to control computer crime and computer-related crimes in federal programs.

The author appropriately acknowledges the many computer scientists and computer-security specialists he consulted. In particular, he cites the cooperation of Donn B. Parker of Stanford Research International, a recognized expert in the field of computer abuse.

Although generally non-technical, the book does discuss in some detail the successful subversion within 13 seconds of the operating system of a Univac computer declared to be "secure." An entertaining book, it is recommended to anyone who has dealt with a bank or owns a credit card. It is a reading must for data processing managers, auditors, and prosecuting attorneys. Designers of "secure" operating systems would also benefit from reading Computer Capers.

Marvin Perlman Turpin Systems Co.

B78-25 Dimension PBX and Alternatives -- Nicholas Fiekowsky, et al.,

(Economics and Technology, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts, 1977, 178 pp.)

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