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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 10 -- New Products Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131252D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Oct-01
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New Products * Tektronix terminals, plotter, and software expand graphics capability * Communications handler provides access to IBM mainframes * Plessey announces new mini/micro products * New 16-bit mini organized around 16 registers * Wang offers sorting, math packages for WP systems * Telenet introduces turnkey private packet networks * Color display offers correction, adjustment features * Magnetic tape controller features both phase encoding and NRZ formats * GA provides resource sharing distributed processing with new Network Data Series * NCSS announces communication oriented minicomputer series

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New Products

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Tektronix terminals, plotter, and software expand graphics capability

Tektronix will make several new graphics products available later this year. They include a color graphics terminal, a 25dneh computer display terminal, a C-size programmable plotter, and a library of graphic software.

The 4027 color graphics terminal is the latest addition to the 4020 series, and is a eompaet, high performance computer terminal with a raster seen display. Like the 4025, it can scroll graphics and alphanumerics and do multipaged graphing, with the added feature of color. It win be available in December, at $8695.

Users can select colors from a 64-color palette, with up to eight colors appearing simultaneously on the screen. The 4027's firmware uses these colors for various purposes, including vector, character, and symbol coloring, and polygon fining. When filling polygons, the firmware allows the user to select any of 120 different user-definable patterns or color combinations.

The 4016-1 computer display terminal, with its big 63.5-cm (25-inch) diagonal screen, 4096 x 3120 viewable high resolution, and finely etched 10-mil-wide vectors, is suited for displaying the highly complex graphics found in contour mapping, seismic analysis, and energy field modeling, according to the manufacturer. Also available in December, the 4016-1 is priced at $19,500.

The 4663 interactive digital plotter is the first high-speed C-size plotter with built-in processing power, states Tektronix It can plot on up to 420 mm x 594 mm (17-inch x 22-inch} paper or Mylar with felt tip, ball point, or wet ink pens. Available in January, the 4663 is priced at S9495.

Featuring dual programmable pen control, the plotter is capable of pro

  (Image Omitted: The Tektronix 4663 plotter, above, features 16- 22 ips vector dependent plotting speed, .001-inch resolution, 10 points per second maximum point plotting rate, and seven character fonts including the full ASCII character set. The 4016-1 display terminal, at right, offers a thumbwheel-controlled crosshair cursor for interaction with fine detail. The terminal's writing gun draws vectors at 20,000 cm per second. In addition to high-density graphic capability, the 4016-1 provides high-density alphanumerics for labeling designs and maps; over 15,000 characters may be displayed simultaneously.)

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