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Original Publication Date: 1978-Feb-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * NCR unveils larger computer systems * Casio previews three new calculators * Itel introduces computer model * Digital introduces LPA11-K * Logic state analyzer provides modular expandability * Versatec's electrostatic printer/plotters designed to go anywhere * LSI-11 interface board * Electrophotographic copier records CRT terminal displays * Datapoint announces Attached Resource Computer system * Voice input automatic paging terminal * 480-character IBM 3277 compatible display * Disk file capability added to Tektronix 4051 * Basic/Four introduces hard disk, bundled business computer * Low power cartridge transport * Beckman introduces computer-based process chromatograph * Datel introduces new video a/d converter * Dynascan introduces low distortion function generator * Intel introduces in 5034 PDP-11 compatible memory card * Ann Arbor offers smart monitor upper/lower-case character display * 1976 NBS publications catalog. * DC power design guide. * General-purpose array processing, realtime array processing, and real-time signal processing. * CICS/VS reference handbook. * Volume III of the systems exchange. * Computer graphics study brochure. * X-Y recorders. * Sonic digitizer system. * Burn-in systems. * Intereonneetion systems for large-scale computer installations. * TMS 1000 one-chip microcomputer reliability report. * Distributor products. * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings

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NCR unveils larger computer systems

NCR Corporation has announced two new top-of-the-line computer systems, the V-8580 and V- 8590, the most powerful yet introduced by the company.

Also introduced were a new highcapacity disk storage unit and a new magnetic tape storage unit, as well as a new method of handling input and output on the V-8590 system.

According to C. E. Exley, Jr., NCR president, most programs now in use on NCR Century or Criterion series systems can be used on the new systems "without an expensive and time- consuming conversion effort." Exley said the V- 8590 has approximately twice the power of the V-8570, formerly the largest computer in the 8000 series. The V- 8580 is about one-third more powerful than the V-8570.

NCR will introduce a still larger computer family, the V- 8600, later this year. The V-8600 models will be large- scale multiprocessors and will be NCR's first offerings in the very large systems field.

Memories in both systems use 16K-bit technology and feature error detection and correction with four-way interleaving allowing several processing subsystems to access memory at the same time. A new hardware assist unit performs all operations necessary to set up a command for execution while a previous command is executing.

Both systems can use the extensive library of NCR application programs for manufacturers, financial institutions, retail firms, wholesale distributors, educational institutions, government offices, and health~care organizations.

The monthly rental for the V-8580 processor with minimum [M-byte memory is $11,385 under a five year agreement; the purchase price is $517,600. The basic processor price includes three input/output trunks. The system can accommodate up to 4M bytes of memory. Communications can be provided by both an integrated communications subsystem and by a freestanding communications multiplexer.

The V-8580 is scheduled for customer deliveries in the third quarter of this year. Any previous 8500 system can be upgraded at the customer site to a V-8580. Like other V- 8500 systems, the V-8580 offers on-line program development capabilities which help improve programmer productivity.

Capitalizing on internal transfer bus architecture, the larger V-8590 uses two processing elements that share all system resources.

IEEE Computer Society, Feb 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 2, Pages 79-87

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