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Original Publication Date: 1978-Jun-01
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BOOK REVIEWS * B78-16 Software Metrics -- Tom Gilb (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Winthrop Publishing Co., 1976, 282 pp., $1 4.95) * B78-17 Distributed Processing: Vol. 1, Analysis and Bibliography; Vol. 2, Invited Papers -- Infotech State of the Art Report -- (Maidenhead, Berkshire, England: Infotech International, 1977, 560 pp., $215.00) * B78-18 Computer Methods in Image Analysis -- J. K. Aggarwal, Richard O. Duda, and Azriel Rosenfeld, eds. (New York: IEEE Press Selected Reprint Series, 1977; 472 pp.; hardbound, non-members, $29.95; members, $22.45; softbound, members only, $14.95)

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B78-16 Software Metrics -- Tom Gilb (Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Winthrop Publishing Co., 1976, 282 pp., $1 4.95)

In a specially written foreword Gerald M. Weinberg suggests that this interesting new book is "part of a public maturation ritual for the art and science of software development. "

Up to now computer software has been something that people built -- they did it, in the sense that developing programs was an engaging intellectual activity. However, at some point in the growth of a scientific (some may say technological) discipline enough experience is gained about the doing and it becomes possible to think about what was done. In addition to concern with the activity per se, there is an auxiliary interest in the product of the activity, not so much for its utility but for its properties independent of (but not disregarding) the actual function performed.

A software metric may be defined as a generalized measure that quantitatively describes properties of software, expressed in a form that suggests a functional value for the metric. In this framework Gilb's book attempts to provide a compendium of metrics of various kinds and suggests the ways people involved in software can make use of them.

The presentation is divided into two parts -- applications and concepts. In the application area the discussion deals with a broad range of measurement methods. For example, the section on "Maintainability Measurement and the Debugging Technique" presents data relating programming bugs to maintenance costs, time to repair, detection rate, relative statement-type percentages, and a number of other factors. Metrics that describe the program development process include component inspections, error rates, the effectiveness of inspection list techniques, portability measures, programmer motivation, and design goals. In addition, Part I includes extensive treatment of methods for automating the software measuring process. It provides descriptions of several automated tools that have software metrics outputs, and presents results of numerous experiments.

The second part of the book is...