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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 7 -- NEW APPLICATIONS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131338D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Jul-01
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NEW APPLICATIONS * Fujitsu offers two-in one disk storage drive * Intel announces 11-MHz single chip microcomputer * AMl's new S6800 parts operate at higher speeds * New fonts offered for Spinwriter printers * Tandem computers introduces RJE subsystem software * Series 21 addition from ADS doubles previous performance * Memorex maximizes disk drive performance with microprocessor controlled CCDs * Data access module to be added to Robot * Magnuson's new family of IBM-compatible computers features expandable architecture * Pertec offers tape transport subsystem with 6250 bpi GCR * Bus interface for POP 11's conforms to IEEE Standard 488 * Lower speed series of impact line printers announced by Documation

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Fujitsu offers two-in one disk storage drive

Fujitsu America has announced the M225X series of moving arm disk storage drives offering optional head-per-track storage capacities. The moving arm portion can be used for the staging of files into and out of the main memory, while the head-per-track option provides fast access to high usage files. In essence, the company claims, the user gets two disk drive functions in one unit.

In the M225X series each data access arm has two read/write heads which are in contact with the head loading area of the disk surface when the disk is at rest. As the disk comes up to speed the heads are moved to the data areas of the disk surface by a rotary positioner. With two heads, the physical motion required to access the requested tracks is halved.

The disk media, which is non-removable and sealed, yields an MTBF in excess of 10,000 power-on hours under typical usage.

Storage capacities of the M225X series are 12.7, 25.4, or 50.8M bytes of unformatted data. The Winchester technology heads and rotary actuator offer access times of 10 msec track to track and 40 msec average.

Depending on the number of disks, the M225X series ranges in price from $2650 to $3540 in OEM quantities.

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Intel announces 11-MHz single chip microcomputer

Intel's Microcomputer Components Division has announced the 11-MHz 8049 and 8039 single- chip microcomputers, the newest and highest performing members of its MCS-48 family.

With their 11-MHz internal clock, the devices represent an 80 percent improvement m speed performance over the earlier 6-MHz version of the 8049 but sell for about the same price, according to Intel. In addition to significantly increasing performance, the 11-MHz specification permits the designer to use a commonlyavailable 10.7-MHz IF frequency ceramic filter as a clock source.

IEEE Computer Society, Jul 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 7, Pages 134-137

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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 7 -- NEW APPLICATIONS

Both the 8049 and 8039 offer 128 bytes of read/write memory, twice that of other MCS-48 family members. In addition, the 8049 contains twice the program memory of the rest of the MCS-48 family, 2048-bytes, to permit more features to be designed into the final product.

Some typical applications for the 8049 include high-speed peripheral controllers, line adapters, process control, and instrumentation. For use in data encryption/ decryption, the 8049/803...