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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 8 -- NEW PROJECTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131350D
Original Publication Date: 1978-Aug-01
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NEW PROJECTS * SIR portable terminal has 136 column printout capability * Versatec's vector to-raster converter helps minis plot faster, wider * GE's TermiNet diskette storage terminal has single or dual drives * New member added to PCC's XL line * First emission tomographic system introduced * Microcomputer based controller with Basic introduced by Dynabyte * Wang combats ";non-expandable"; computers * IBM increases System/34 disk capacity, offers diskette magazine facility * Sperry Univac adds to Series 90 computer family * HP 1000 computer systems feature new processors, faster 16K RAMs, new operating system * Honeywell adds to Level 6 minicomputer family * National announces add-on memory for IBM 303X computers * Racal-Milgo introduces intelligent clustered terminal system * DEC offers disk cleaner for RK06, RK07 cartridges * New Literature ** Modulation techniques. ** Optoelectronics. ** Educational software. ** Beckman components. ** TI calculator programs. ** Analog Devices catalog. ** Industrial control programming. ** Infateeh State of the Art Reports. ** Machine controllers. Recent IC Announcements Recent Microsystems Announcements

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Prof. D. A. Michalopoulos

California State University, F ullerton

SIR portable terminal has 136 column printout capability

A microprocessor-controlled send/receive portable computer terminal with full 136-column printout has been introduced by Computer Transceiver Systems.

Weighing only 16 Ibs., the New Execuport 4000 terminal provides ASCII, APL or IBM PTTC/EBCD codes with operating speeds up to 30 cps. The 4000 series comes with bit-paired or typewriterpaired key boards. Features include true upper and lower case printing, tabbing, built-in testing, print position display, buffered carriage return, and parity error detection. Black, rather than blue, printout is provided by a 5 x 7 dot matrix thermal printer.

The 4000 provides switch selectable half or full duplex operation. It has a new built-in coupler/modem design with increased sensitivity and sound isolation previously unavailable in portable terminals, according to the manufacturer.

An impact-resistant carrying case cover is an integral part of the terminal. It is simply rolled under the terminal when not being used to transport the terminal.

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(Image Omitted: A 12-inch ruler helps to illustrate the full- size, 13v~column printout capability of the Execuport 4v~v.)

Versatec's vector to-raster converter helps minis plot faster, wider

With the new Versatec vector-to-raster converter, small or overloaded minicomputers can drive Versatec electrostatic plotters of any plotting width or resolution at full rated speed.

The dedicated VRC processor uses 56bit microcode, 100-bit wide memory, and 275 nsec instruction cycle speed to convert vectors to rasters at data rates of 1M byte/sec. The 100-bit data path provides microprocessor access to a complete vector in one instruction cycle. The 56- bit microcode allows processing of up to eight parallel arithmetic, logic, shift, rotate, branch, and repeat functions in a single 275-nsec cycle. Effective single instruction cycle time is as short as 35 nsec, according to Versatec.

Upon receiving an initializing command, the VRC rasterizes input vector data and sends rasters to the printer/plotter. Any print or raster data is passed through to the Versatec printer/plotter.

IEEE Computer Society, Aug 01, 1978 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 8, Pages 78-84

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IEEE Computer Volume 11 Number 8 -- NEW PROJECTS

During normal operation, manual intervention is not required. If the host system cancels vector output during plotting and sends print data, reset is automatic....