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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 1 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131370D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Jan-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Comtal Vision One/20 extends memory capacity to 64 images * Plessey announces military version of Miproc 16 * NCR announces largest computer in its Interactive 8200 Series * Motorola introduces multiple output switching power supplies * Second-source data acquisition modules feature direct fit * Single board controller interfaces 4 disks to Data General computers * Integral minicassette loader gives convenience of ROM * Basic Four announces new System 410 * AMLC improves throughput, reduces CPU overhead * Fairchild introduces Integrator II * UCC introduces lathe module for IBM APT systems * Qantel introduces three new faster, big memory systems * New Literature ** Management reports. ** Floppy disks. ** Instruments and breadboarding. ** Computers and peripherals. ** Memory products. ** Switching power supplies. ** FAX standards. ** Circuit protection. ** Zener diodes. ** Recorders. ** Digital synthesizer analyzer. ** Blue enhanced photodiodes. ** Microsystems testing. ** Amplifiers. * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements

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Prof. D. A. Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Comtal Vision One/20 extends memory capacity to 64 images

Up to 134 million bits of image-refresh data- base memory can be contained in a single 6-foot cabinet in the maximum configuration of Comtal's new Vision One/20 digital image processing system. This much memory is capable of supporting 64 images of 512 x 512 pixels by 8 brightness bits. The system can be field-upgraded to a 1024 x 1024- pixel display at the cost of reducing the number of images that can be stored to 16. At the extreme, one complete 4096 x 4096 x 8-bit array, using the entire 134,217,720-bit memory capacity, is viewable in real time.

An extension of Comtal's Vision One, the new system includes all the capabilities of its predecessor -- full 24-bit color (8 bits each of red, green, and blue) pseudo nor, real-time roam of multiple display -, ,.._" area independent color correction, and convolution processing.

Capable of interactive stand-alone operation, the Vision One/20 can be made still more powerful by interconnection to a host computer. By itself it supports up to four simultaneous users, each with one color monitor, keyboard, trackball, and data tablet.

(Image Omitted: New options extend Comtal Vision One/20 to 64 images in the refresh memory.)

The price of the fully extended Vision " . '20 is about $700,000, about 80 percent of which goes for memory. A minimum system is on the order of $35,000 and each image adds about $10,000. Field upgradeability permits extra functions or memory increments to be added at any time.

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Plessey announces military version of Miproc 16

Plessey Microsystems has introduced a militarized version of its Miproc microcomputer with a processing speed in excess of 3.6 million instructions per second and a data transfer rate up to 10 million words per second.

Built from standard Schottky TTL devices, the multichip implementation of the Miproc 16M architecture enables the design to be readily modified to suit a particular application, and gives the system designer considerable flexibility in his choice of speed, power consumption, and packaging options. Units available include the MPC 515M 275- nsec cycle time processor; the MPC 169M index/interrupt unit with five extra address modes and an 8-level priority vectored interrupt system; the MPC 407M application memory with 4K words of program PROM, 1K

IEEE Computer Society, Jan 01, 1979 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 1, Pages 76-83

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