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Original Publication Date: 1979-May-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Bulk core system emulates disk system for Nova, Eclipse * HP expands memory, improves OS of desktop computer system * Data processor family provides powerful networking capabilities * NEC introduces series of small business computers in US * Microcomputer controls intermediate storage device * Tape controller designed exclusively for PDP.11 use * Data General adds memory, cuts prices for scientific processors * Updated geographic data file available * Universal software development system supports 8086 processor * Color graphics display system writes 16K vectors per second * Software package speeds communications protocol development * 6800 software upgraded * Controller interfaces Nova, Eclipse with Storage Module disk drives ** Add-on memory. ** Synchro converters. ** Edgecard connectors. ** PC design. ** Semiconductor processing. ** Severe environments. ** Smart CRTs. ** Thin-film resistors. ** Image printer. ** Components. ** Power checklist. ** Frequency counters. * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings

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Bulk core system emulates disk system for Nova, Eclipse

Dataram's BC-303 bulk core system emulates Data General's 6063/6065 fixedhead disk system. The disk emulation system for Nova, Supernova, and Eclipse minicomputers is compatible with Data General's Advanced Operating System, Real-time Disk Operating System, and 6063/6065 FHD diagnostics and can use either the standard or high-speed data channel interface.

The system interfaces to the host minicomputer via a 15 x 15-inch controller board which plugs into any available l/O slot. As in the case of the compatible FHD system, the BC- 303 controller generates a 32-bit ECC checkword for each 256-word block.

BC-303 is packaged in a 15 3/-inch chassis with slide rails for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack. The chassis can hold eight 256K-byte bulk core modules, a capacity of 2M bytes. A single controller installed in the minicomputer can support up to four chassis, providing a maximum system capacity of 8M bytes. The minimum configuration is 1M byte. A dual port option allows the BC-303 system to be shared with two Data General minicomputers simultaneously. Off-line test capability is standard.

Maximum data transfer rate is 1M byte per second and the average access time is 16 psecs. According to Dataram, the BC-303 access time represents a 500-fold improvement over the comparable Data General FHD system.

Dataram's minimum BC-303 configuration, 1M byte, is $26,400 in single quantity. A single- chassis, 2M-byte system is $42,000. A maximum-capacity system, the 8M-byte, four- chassis BC-303, is $143,800. The dual port option is $2000 additional, regardless of storage capacity.

HP expands memory, improves OS of desktop computer system

A seven-fold increase in maximum main memory and a 50-percent reduction in memory expansion costs are among the improvements Hewlett-Packard cites for its System 45B desktop computer. According to HP, the newest member of its System 45 family also features changes in the operating system to speed and simplify use, an increase in growth potential, availability of keyboards and character sets for five different language groups, and accommodation for new printer and disk options.

System 45B main memory can be expanded to 449K bytes, all of it useraccessible and integrated within the desktop system. The cost (US price) of memory expansion is now 4 i/: cents a byte, compared with the former 10 cents per byte on the System 45A.

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