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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 6 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131409D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Jun-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Intertec CRT offers user-defined function keys, graphics mode * Arithmetic processor does 8 MFLOPS * Plotter/printer provides color output via impact printing * Printer provides high density dot matrix * Sperry offers moving head disk for V77 line * Disk cache uses CCDs to tackle ";access gap"; * Multibus-compatible micro provides 32 bit floating- and fixed-point arithmetic * Disk subsystems enhance Datapoint Datashare and ARC * Satellite processors offload Eclipse CPU * Calculator displays alphanumeric formulas, allows editing * New Literature ** Linear test system. ** RF coaxial connectors. ** PV connectors. ** Uninterruptable power. ** Supervisory systems. ** Speed indicators. ** Nuclear medicine. ** PCB switches. * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements * Previous Listings

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(Image Omitted: Intertec Inter Tube II features complete ASCII keyboard, 18-key numeric pad, and 14 ueer-defined function keys.)

Intertec CRT offers user-defined function keys, graphics mode

The InterTube II, Intertec Data Systems'new video display terminal, includes an upper/lower case character set displayed on an 8x10 dot matrix, a full 24x80 character screen, a status line displayed in half intensity, a complete ASCII keyboard with 18-key numeric pad, 14 user-defined function keys, full cursor addressing, automatic key repeat, individual backspace and shiftlock keys, and graphics mode.

A wide bandwidth monitor provides sharp images everywhere on the screen, says Intertec, with below-the-line character descenders to make reading easier. The unit also includes a text editing system with character and line insert/delete, full and/or partial block transmit modes, programmable end- of-line terminators, protected fields, and self-test mode.

The terminal's interface is RS-232C and it operates through 50-9600 bps. A standard RS-232C printer port operates through the same range.

The InterTube II is $598-$798 depending on OEM quantity and is available for immediate delivery.

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Arithmetic processor does 8 MFLOPS

The FPS-100 is a mini-sized program mable array processor manufactured by Floating Point Systems, Inc. When attached to a small mini- computer host, it provides the OEM with floating- point computational performance previously available only on expensive super-computing systems, the manufacturer states. It performs up to 8 million floating-point operations per second and features 38-bit precision and a synchronous architecture.

The new Super 100 multitasking operating system, coupled with a priorityinterrupt structure, makes the FPS-100 appropriate for real-time applications such as signal processing, image processing, and process control. Other possible applications include vibration analysis, structural analysis, speech synthesis, oil exploration, and system simulations.

IEEE Computer Society, Jun 01, 1979 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 6, Pages 81-87

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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 6 -- NEW PRODUCTS

The FPS-100 makes extensive use of the latest in electronics technology and packaging, according to Floating Point. Low-power Schottky MSI, LSI, and VLSI components allows the entire processor to be packaged into a 10'/~" x 19" x 24" selfcontained unit.

The Super 100 operating syste...