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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 7 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131425D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Jul-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * System fills the gap between data loggers and minicomputers * New interfaces extend punched. tape communications capability * New CRT terminal is DEC VT 100 compatible * Philips enters US logic analyzer market * Product costing software improves productivity for manufacturers * Kodak's tape drive for COM accepts 6250, 1600- bpi densities * NEC introduces Winchester-type series of OEM disk drives * Rolm Telecommunications introduces floppy disk-based CDR * Line printer controller provides Series 1 compatibility * Dual density databoard handles NRZI or PE formats * Data converter handles ASCII data via GRTS * RCA offers new service to carry wideband data streams * Data base management system available for DEC's VAX- 11/780 * A/D data acquisition system offers 250 MHz throughput * Pattern recognition software now available for minicomputers * New Literature ** Cable-connector systems. ** Trackballs. ** Data conversion. ** Security. ** Burn-in systems. ** Fiber optic cable. ** Power supplies. ** Magnetics. ** Memory testing. Recent IC Announcements * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements * Previous Listings

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Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

System fills the gap between data loggers and minicomputers

CompuDAS, a new computing data acquisition and reduction system, is intended to fill the gap betwen data loggers and minicomputers. According to its nianufacturer, Signal Laboratories, the stand-alone microprocessor-based instrument provides real-time computational capabilities in a variety of industrial measurement and control applications without tie-in to larger computer systems.

The system interfaces to most types of electrical devices via a card subsystem; specialized systems can be configured by adding plug-in cards. CompuDAS has analog and digital outut, interfaces to a variety of front panel and peripheral accessories (terminals, printers, plotters, etc.), and utilizes Dabil 1 software, a version of Dartmouth Basic.

The basic system consists of a portable or rack-mounted chassis, all necessary power supplies, 18-slot card cage, microcomputer board, RAM memory board 116K, expandable to 32K), Dabil 1 in PROM, one RS-232 port (expandable to five ports), and a user's guide and programmer's reference manual. Costs range from $7990 to just under $20,00, depending on system configuration. Delivery is 60 to 90 days.

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New interfaces extend punched. tape communications capability

With the company's new RS-232C interfaces, standard Remex punched papertape readers or combination reader/perforators can be adapted to a communications role. Three models are available: the RJR2321 single-port interface for punched paper-tape readers, the RJA2321 single-port for reader/perforators, and the RJA2322 dual- port interface for combinations.

Single-port models are connected to a data communications modem or directly to the host computer. A programmable read-only memory is used to decode ASCII characters and provide remote control of the interface operation. The dual-port model includes the modem port and a separate current loop interface for connecting the reader/perforator to a CRT terminal, a teletypewriter, or printer.

Front panel controls on the perforator/ reader interfaces convert the modem port to a current loop interface, wired for a 20 mA internal loop source. Interface send and receive rates are independent of each other, but both are factory preset at 120 baud. Movable jumper plugs can be used to adjust the reader send rate from 110 to 9600 baud and the punch receive rate from 110 to 1200 baud.

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