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Original Publication Date: 1979-Jul-01
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BOOK REVIEWS * B79-8 Structured Analysis and System Specification -- Tom DeMarco (New York: Yourdon, Inc., 1978, 352 pp., $25.00).

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B79-8 Structured Analysis and System Specification -- Tom DeMarco (New York: Yourdon, Inc., 1978, 352 pp., $25.00).

What could be more logical than using a structured specification as the starting point for a structured development of your software? Many documents are available on structured design and structured coding, but this book is the first I have seen on structured analysis and specification. My impression is that the author himself developed the version of structured analysis and specification he writes about. In so doing, he has provided both an explanation of the subject and a source book on it.

According to DeMarco, "Structured Analysis is the use of these tools: Data Flow Diagrams, Data Dictionary, Structured English, Decision Tables, Decision Trees to build a new kind of Target Document [Functional Specification]." He emphasizes the first three tools. Data flow diagrams (also called data flow graphs and bubble charts) are used to display the partitioning of the system; these diagrams are analogous to the "block diagrams" used in cirucit theory and automatic control. The data dictionary defines each data flow, data element, file, and data base. Structured English is a restricted language for specifying the logic of the processes that transform data.

He describes structured analysis as having seven steps, which in simplified terms are

(1) study the current environment (product: a current physical data flow diagram),

(2)derive the current logical data flow diagram from the current physical data flow diagram,

(3) devise a new logical -system model (products: a new logical data flow diagram and a data dictionary),

(4) establish candidate man-machine interfaces (product: set of physical data flow diagrams),

(5) quantify each option represented by the set of physical data flow diagrams (products: costlbenefit studies),

IEEE Computer Society, Jul 01, 1979 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 7, Pages 110-111

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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 7 -- BOOK REVIEWS

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