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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 8 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131439D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Aug-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Digitizing tablet has 0.001 "; resolution * Translucent plotting paper useful for overlays, blueprints * Fairchild introduces magnetic bubble memory test system * H-P offers new block structured language * Spike suppressor handles load currents from 1A to 200A * S 100 CPU board runs UCSD Pascal * Vector Information Processor handles off line electrostatic plotting * Color terminal enhances CAD system * Univac system aims for high reliability, fault recovery * ";Large print"; CRT aids visually impaired * Compucorp offers desk top computer * Megabit bubble memory comes with support chips * Sanders coordinate converter adds 3-D option to Graphic 7 * Graphics package features curve fitting function * 1024 pixel x 1024-line, full-color raster displays available * New Literature ** Wiegand-effeet transducers. ** Information delivery. ** Optical data links. ** Electronie-grade powders. ** Tool kits. ** Data communications. ** Versatee plotters. ** EAI Hyshare. ** Stepping motors. ** Add~on memory. ** RCA COS/MOS ICs. ** OEM risks. * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings Recent Microsystems Announcements * New Listings This Issue * Previous Listings

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Digitizing tablet has 0.001 " resolution

Summagraphics' Summagrid is a digitizing tablet for both the end user and OEM markets. It combines all the neces sary elements for high-accuracy digitizing, says the company -- 0.001~ resolution, +0.005" accuracy (+0.003" optional), adjustabledntensity backlighting, and slim design. The digitizer is suited for mapping, PCB layout, and any other application requiring precise digitizing, the company notes.

The Summagrid can be interfaced to pro cessors using RS232, IEEE, or 8/16-bit parallel interfaces. It is format- compatible with both the Summagraphics Intelligent Digitizer and the low-cost Bit Pad One. This compatibility is useful to OEMs who want to provide digitizer options to their end users without requiring several software packages, says Summagraphics.

The Summagrid can provide coordinate pairs at up to 250 pairs per second. Several modes are available, including point, stream, and continuous. Mode and rate may be remotely selected from the host processor via the resident interface, or may be selected by internal switch settings.

The standard Summagrid includes a five-button color-coded cursor as well as an internal power supply in either a 115V or 220V (50-60 Hz) version. Available sizes are36"x48"and42"x60n.

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Translucent plotting paper useful for overlays, blueprints

Versatec has introduced a new translucent paper for electrostatic printers and plotters which, according to the company, offers improved physical properties, runability, and print/plot quality. The paper provides "see~through" translucence for overlays and UV transmission for blueprint reproduction.

Less brittle than previous translucent stock, the new paper has high tensile strength and tear resistance. The former has been increased to 30 pounds/inch in machine direction and 15 pounds/inch across machine direction. Tear resistance has been increased to 25 grams in machine direction and 30 grams~across machine direction.

A better coating improves print/plot quality, says Versatec. Proper "tooth" i,,.. enables the paper to accept toner without smudging or smearing. The coating also prevents "flares" or "bloom. " The paper is coated with a conductive substrate and an insulating layer. It his the optimum

IEEE Computer Society, Aug 01, 1979 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 8, Pages 91-98

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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 8 -- NEW PRODUCTS

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