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IEEE Computer Volume 12 Number 8 -- NEW APPLICATIONS & RECENT RESEARCH Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131440D
Original Publication Date: 1979-Aug-01
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NEW APPLICATIONS & RECENT RESEARCH * Matsushita and Friends/Amis to develop hand-held personal computers * Set of programs checks designs for new aircraft

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Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

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Matsushita and Friends/Amis to develop hand-held personal computers

Plans to produce a line of practical handheld personal computers have been announced by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan. Discussing his company's agreement with California-based Friends/Amis Inc., Dr. Shunkichi Kisaka, senior managing director in charge of research and development at Matsushita, said that the joint efforts of Matsushita and Friends/Amis "will give birth to an entirely new field of consumer electronics. "

"The incredible capacity for computers to store information has been known and depended upon for many years now," said Dr. Kisaka. "But this great potential has, up to now, been restricted to business, government, and institutional use. For the first time, the tremendous power of the computer has been packaged in a form readily available to consumers for use in gaining access to a huge storehouse of information and in facilitating daily living."

The planned microcomputers will combine advanced microcomputer technology with a newly- developed compressed data bank called AM I Memory System. The developers plan to use the new system which holds twice the data of comparable existing systems, in applications such as word translators, learning systems, portable computers for home or business use, electronic dictation equipment, and games. Matsushita and Friends/Amis will use the AMI system to develop extensive libraries of micro~memory capsules for these portable computers.

Under the joint agreement, Matsushita and Friends/Amis will develop the system's hardware and software by integrating the former's hardware expertise with the latter's software experience. Matsushita will manufacture and sell products resulting from the technology under its own brand names as well as under private labels, and will retain the right to grant sublicenses to other manufacturers.

Matsushita will market its own products in Japan later this year. Friends/Amis has already introduced the new technology in a language translator distributed by Craig Corporation. The translator resembles a hand-held electronic calculator with extra keys for letters and numerals. The operator selects one of the interchangeable language capsules, enters a word or phrase into the computer, and the translation appears on the display panel. The current memory capsule model used in the language translator can hold 1200-1500 words and phrases in each...