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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 3 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131483D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Mar-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Videotex turnkey system, interface, software offered * Streaming software transfers disk data to tape at 100 ips * Raster graphics terminal eliminates anti-aliasina * Software package facilitates computer-assisted mail * Software product provides system development support * Word processing software is available for IBM System/38 * Single board video controller offers Multibuscompatibility * Data switch manages traffic, supports up to 254 terminals * Fortran IV cross software tools released for 68000 microprocessor * Minicomputer offers 1 M byte main memory * Triple CPU multiprocessing offered for DEC mainframes * Development systems feature voice response * Engineering graphics system is wised for design nrnhlomc * Disk system for IBM personal computer uses 3741 format * Compiler for Oasis COS is recursive by design * Keypunch utility simulates traditional keypunch machines * Laser printer interfaces with single user work station * High level language aims at large programming projects * Bubble memory system to decrease power consumption * Text editor features multiple file windows * Dot matrix printer interfaces with computer, work stations * Software queries, updates structured data bases Recent IC Announcements Recent Microsystems Announcements

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Videotex turnkey system, interface, software offered

The Genesys Group has introduced three products -- a turnkey system, an IBM interface, and PDP-I I-based software -- for use with Telidon, the videotex system operated by the Canadian Department of Communications.

The Genesystem 18 turnkey system, the smallest in a series of models, is a fully integrated, operational Telidon videotex system. Compatible with the recently announced ATT presentation-level protocol, the system's functional capabilities include data base updates, retrieval, accounting, and electronic publishing. Optional features include teleshopping, telebanking, BN wire service, and keyword search.

A system supporting 16 simultaneous users, including all software, hardware (not terminals), and documentation sells for $58,950. Shipping, installation, and support are extra.

The IBM/Telidon interface, designed to be compatible with the ATT presentation-level protocol for videotex, is capable of displaying graphics on suitably modified television sets.

The interface allows conventional IBM EDP installations to develop electronic publishing systems as a timesharing option of their current mainframe operations. The interface consists of a library of subroutines used to convert conventional EDP data to Telidon formats and to either display the data directly on the Telicon terminals or update videotex data bases.

The package sells for $5000, plus a royalty on use, with installation extra.

Fully operational and supported the PDPI l-based Telidon videotex software supports up to 64 simultaneous data base retrievals, and updating, accounting, and electronic publishing. The average response times in retrieval mode at 64 terminal load is under 2.25 seconds.

The software, which runs under RSX I IM V3.2 with RMS and Datatrieve, is available under licenses in object form with user documentation. The purchase price is $21,000, plus 2 percent monthly maintenance fee. Installation is extra.

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