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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 7 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131519D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Jul-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Diskette storage capacity increased to 320K bytes * Company announces 16 bit version of Pascal/MT + * System features direct addressing of 16M bytes * Implant Printers offer 35 or 55 cups * Prime-compatible memories offered on single boards * Package upgrades 8.bit systems to 16 bit processing power * Document entry terminal reads multiple type styles * Computer is designed for largescale applications * Terminal controller supports BSC or SDLC * Desktop computer line offers four models * Superminicomputers support up to 128 concurrent users * Cache disk memory supports airline control program * Business analysis software available for Apple 11 * Digital image processor has frame freezing capability * 32K memory module accepts CMOS, NMOS, and EPROM * System exploits processing power of 68000 microprocessor * Voice response unit speaks IEEE 488 bus data * Software lets user generate own vocabulary * Plotter accommodates a variety of pen types * Color graphics system measures computer performance * CAD/CAM system operates alone or in a network * Processors accommodate 32 and 64M bytes * System is designed for bank trust departments * Forth 79 Version 2 offers graphics options * Network allows terminals to communicate directly * Company introduces two LSI 11/23 based systems * Software combines real time subroutines with Basic/RT ~ * Cobol compiler features timesharing facilities * Flat panel display has 16 lines of 32 characters * Interface links TeleVideo terminals to Wang computers Recent IC Announcements Recent Microsystems Announcements

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State Universitv. Fullerton

Diskette storage capacity increased to 320K bytes

The diskette storage capacity of the IBM personal computer has been doubled, the company announced. The 320K-byte diskette drive accommodates up to 327,680 characters of programs and data on 5/-inch diskettes, enabling users to store and update information on either 320K- byte double- sided or 160K-byte single-sided diskettes.

The 320K-byte diskette drive is supported by a new version of the disk operating system, as well as by the CP/M-86 and UCSD p-System, Version IV.0 operating systems. The price for the 320K-byte diskette drive is $650.

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Company announces 16 bit version of Pascal/MT +

Pascal/MT + 86, the 16-bit version of Digital Research's native code compiler programming language, Pascal/MT +, is now available.

Application programs written in Pascal/ MT + can be recompiled with Pascal/MT + 86 and executed on machines operating under any Digital Research 16-bit operating system: CP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M, or MP/M-86.

Pascal/MT + 86 is a complete implementation of the International Standards Organization Pascal stand Hi. It supports floatingpoint real numbe~-tsbr scientific applications, decimal arithmetic for business applications, and "ROMable" code for industrial applications.

The Pascal/MT+86 package provides a compiler and assembler to generate 8086/8088 relocatable object files, a linker to generate an executable file from the relocatable compiler output, a run-time support library, a disassembler, a symbolic debugger, and library routines to perform tasks ranging from transcendental functions to interrupt handling.

Pascal/MT + 86 sells for $600. An optional speed programming package is available for $200.

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(Image Omitted: Non-Linear Systems' Kaycomp 11 portable microcomputer has a 9-inch display and weighs approximately 25 pounds. It includes two floppy disk drives, a Z80A central processor, and 64K of RAM containing Digital Research's CP/M operating system. Interface accommodationsinclude a Centronics parallel printer output for 80- or 120-column printers and an RS-232C serial interface for a modem or other peripheral equipment. The computer sells for

IEEE Computer Society, Jul 01, 1982 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 7, Pages 89-101

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 7 -- NEW PRODUCTS

Company announces 16 bit version of Pascal/MT +

Pascal/MT + 86, the 16-bit version of Digital Research's...