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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 8 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131531D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Nov-11
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NEW PRODUCTS * PCB speech recognizer has 100 word/phrase vocabulary * Software provides predesigned charts and graphs * Communications terminal has firmware intensive design * Graphics processor uses microprocessor technology * Hardware and software added to support local area * Company expands line of disk drives * Software produces ready to use personal computer programs * Epic develops VDT and software encryption package * Turnkey systems provide CAD/CAM capabilities * Printer is designed for both word and data processing * Expandable terminal has room for additional PCBs * RAM for IBM personal computers can be expanded to 256K * Company announces low-cost 32 bit computers * Microcomputers combine 8. and 16-bit technology * Color film recorders translate video signals * 16-bit system supports 1MB of logical address space * Software tools are designed to cut programming time * Controller allows DMA output on 11123 a bus systems * Logic generator simplifies digital testing * Laser printer employs xenon flash lamp fusing * Graphics workstation allows separate display windows

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

PCB speech recognizer has 100 word/phrase vocabulary

Interstate Electronics Corporation has designed the VRT300, a single printed circuit board for DEC's VT100 and VT100-compatible terminals. This speech recognizer allows users to input commands or data of up to 100 words or short phrases via voice and keyboard without software modification, according to the company. Accuracy has tested at 99 + percent, the company added. Features of the VRT300 include an on-board editor; speakerdependent voice recognition; programmable gain control; on-board self-test to check RAM, ROM, and filters; and a choice of headset, table-mounted, or hand-held microphones. The VRT300 costs $1295 or $1370, depending on the microphone selected.

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Software provides predesigned charts and graphs

Issco has developed a computer graphics software system that is linked with Tell-a-Graf software to allow the creation of tailored graphics from standardized formats. Cuechart consists of a libraryofgenericcharts and graphs that can be added to or otherwise modified, a processor coupled with Tell-aGraf that prompts untrained users, and user notebooks of a company's own Cuecharts and their assigned numbers.

The system uses simple English prompts, such as "What graph number do you want?", and then asks the user to enter specific information about the data desired in the final graph.

According to the company, Cuechart with Tell-a-Graf is machine- and device-independent, permitting it to operate with most major computers and more than 100 different output devices.

Cuechart will be available for delivery in 60 days for $2500, or for $1800 if ordered within the next three months.

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(Image Omitted: The Comm 2000 by Computer Devices has a I x I I dot matrix, thin-film thermal printhead that produces fully formed 5x 10 dot-matrix characters, true upper/lowercase, typewriter-style printing with descenders, and underscoring.)

Communications terminal has firmware intensive design

IEEE Computer Society, Aug 01, 1982 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 8, Pages 101-106

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 8 -- NEW PRODUCTS

Computer Devices, Inc., has developed a message communications terminal with builtin store and forward, TWX interfaces, RS232C computer interface, and 4K-byte battery- protect~d RAM. The Comm 2000 offers 160-cps bidirectional printing, selectable 80/132-column format, six user- definable f...