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Original Publication Date: 1982-Oct-01
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THE OPEN CHANNEL * Soviet computers * The Melen factor

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Charles McCabe

San Francisco Chronicle

"Any clod can have the facts, but ipaving opinions is an art.'

The Open Channel is exactly what the name impales: a forum for the free exchange of technical ideas. Try to hold your contributions to one page maximum i' the final magazine format (about 1000 words).

We'll accept anything (short of Hbel or obscenity) so long as It's submitted by a member of the Computer Society. If It's really bizarre we may require you to get another member to cosponsor your item.

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Soviet computers

Over the past few years, the Soviet Union has introduced more than 1300 automated systems in the metallurgical, petrochemical, and other industries to control complicated production processes. In addition, we have set up the first stages of automated control systems in a number of the Soviet constituent republics. At present, this country has over 3000 computing centers, more than 2000 automated systems that control enterprises and amalgamations, and 290 automated control systems in the various branches, including those within the framework of 33 Union and Union Republican industrial ministries. In particular, many versions of annual and five-year plans are computed using the automated control systems in the branches. The greatest asset of these systems is that they can be used to solve optimization problems.

At present, we have completed the hrst stages of automated control systems in a number of central bodies: the automated system of plan computations of the USSR State Planning Committee, the automated system of state statistics of the USSR Central Statistical Board, the automated control system known as MTC of the State Committee for Material and Technical Supplies, the automated control system known as Izobreteniye (Invention) of the State Committee for Inventions and Discoveries, and the automated information processing system of the State Committee for Prices, to name a few.

A major milestone in the development of the methods and practice of economic planning was putting into operation the first stage of the automated system of plan computations of the USSR State Planning Committee and State Planning Committees of the Union republics.

Within the framework of the system's first stage, several hundred problems are being solved, with the so-called "direct plan calculations" forming the bulk of them. What this means is that we can perform routine calculations on computer -- a significant capability, since abo...