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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131543D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Oct-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * CAD system operates without interface to host computer * System 80 models offer 4.8G bytes of disk storage * Computer care products assist in preventative * Multiplexers have expanded firmware options * Graphics kit for DEC VT.100 terminals is Tektronix * System has interactive workstations for engineers * Disk subsystem for 4341 CPU stores 2540M to 5080M bytes * Data collection system offers variety of 1/0 * Microsystem supports eight users with 256K bytes of * Cross development software offered under AOSIVS * Solid-state nonrotating disk storage is available for HP-1000s * Microsystem offers rigid disk subsystems * Low-voltage, high amp power supply has single-phase input * Kits for Desnet interface board are available to OEMs * Device facilitates service to remote users * Low-cost graphics workstation aids scientists and * Desktop computer has 10M bytes of storage * Application development system for VAX is based on * X.25 networking available with hardware implementation * Memory expansion available for IBM personal computer * Magnetic tape subsystem has front loading design * Letter-quality printer available for IBM Series/1 users * Screen oriented editor revises hard disk and floppy CP/M files * Software helps manage seminars * Video strip chart recorder displays data trace * 1100/90 computers charade Dackeae densilv of 1 1nn/ROc * Intelligent visual preprocessor interfaces via RS 232

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

CAD system operates without interface to host computer

Aydin has announced a new product for the computer-aided design systems industry. Aycad, an interactive graphics workstation with a computer system packaged internally, is configured with three Intel microcomputers, two high-speed math coprocessors, and a bipolar bit-slice computer dedicated to a single user. The result is a stand-alone graphics system designed to perform total applications in architecture, 3-D mechanical design, and manufacturing without having to interface with a host computer.

The components of the Aycad system are an Aydin 5216 display computer, a high-resolution (IK x 1K) color monitor, a function keyboard, a station console, a 36~ x 48 ~ digitizer with 3-D coordinate display, and multiple 35M- byte Winchester disks with 8-inch floppy disk backup. Interfaces to video hard-cop, units and all major plotters are available. Prices start at $75,000 per Aycad workstation

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  (Image Omitted: Aycad by Aydin features a graphics database management system with a method of parameterization for the multiple types of quadric surfaces necessary for designing and modeling 3-D objects.)

System 80 models offer 4.8G bytes of disk storage

Sperry Univac has added Model 4 and Model 6 to its System 80 family of computers. The models offer a disk storage capacity of up to 4.8G bytes, a disk drive capacity of 16, a disk- caching feature that reduces the number of "read" operations performed on the disk, a streamer tape with a data rate of 160K bps for disk media backup, and a workstation that allows output to bypass the screen and go directly to the printer.

According to the company, the new models represent performance upgrades for the existing Model 3 and Model 5 and feature improved job scheduling, optimized shared-file performance, enhanced memory management, and new block loading and file accessing techniques for the Escort programming language. Models 3 and 5 can be upgraded to match the capabilities of the new models.

Models 4 and 6 support the Unis 80, Unidis Wholesale, WAMS 80, Univfacs 80, and AMS 80 software systems.

IEEE Computer Society, Oct 01, 1982 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10, Pages 107-116

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 10 -- NEW PRODUCTS

The basic Model 4 can be leased on a 5-year agreement for $2994 per month (including maintenance) or purchased for $98,906. A basic system includes a Model 4 pro...