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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 11 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131556D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Nov-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Engineering support system aids gate array design and fabrication * Color graphics program is designed for IBM PC * IBM compatible system runs up to four printers simultaneously * Database management system handles multiple files * Text and graphics terminal is user programmable * Take controller uses LSI 11 series to increase storage * Business system provides OEM transaction processing * Module features simultaneous sample and hold functions * Software turns CP/M system into Telex machine * Ethernet data link controller is single chip * System heirs with asset~based lending and commercial loans * Line driver provides in-house networking * Microbased mainframe enables on line expansion * High level language supports microcontroller system design * Law office management system is database oriented * Micro software tracks energy use in 90 buildings * Telecommunications terminals have two configurable ports * Voice system now supports up to 200 subscriber,s * Software integrates micros with corporate data networks * CMI interface enables storage system connection Recent IC Announcements Recent Microsystems Announcements

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Engineering support system aids gate array design and fabrication

VIA Systems and Master Logic have jointly developed GATES, a user-controlled gate array technology engineering support system. In the past, according to the companies, systems houses wanting to use the new gate array technologies had to develop relations with one or more semiconductor vendors for each process. But with GATES, a complete design and support program can be created independently of any one semiconductor manufacturer.

VIA Systems and Master Logic have also developed a set of Super Cells, which wire basic gates together in complex functions. An initial library of Super Cells is available with the system and a Super Cell data book is part of the systems' support package.

In GATES operation, the user maps a logic diagram onto the gate array chosen, using both basic and Super Cells. Manual interconnection techniques that exploit VlA's on-line design rule check and color coding of interconnects provide "correct by construction" wiring. When the layout is completed and checked, users can send a database tape to one of two VIA technology centers for conversion to a pattern generator format, or they may use VlA's pattern generation software, which is incorporated in the VIA Model 120 CAD/ CAM system.

Master Logic then takes the pattern gener ation tape and secures the IC masks, chip fabrication, packaging, and testing at a cer tified GATES fabricator, or users may order gate array wafers from Master Logic's inventory and secure their own fabrication services independently.

Both VIA Systems and Master Logic will provide extensive training, engineering support and consultation service for users who wish to build proficiency in gate array design. Engineering support and chip fabrication services will be competitively priced.

Available now, GATES software and userware cost $25,000.

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  (Image Omitted: GATES, jointly developed by VIA Systems and Master Logic, is a complete, user-controlled gate array technology engineering support system. With GATES, IC system designers can create a program independently of any one semiconductor manufacturer. Shown above, the designer is editing a portion of a gate array using the GATES software on the VIA System Model 130 VLSI)

Color graphics program is designed for IBM PC

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