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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 12 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131569D
Original Publication Date: 1982-Dec-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Svnch/asvnch converter enables higher data rates * Micro screen editor lets users define function keys * -Diskette copier offers piracy protection * DesktoD controller Dermits hinh-level programming * Logic design system offers low~cost entry to CAE * System development packages released for MC68000 * Design system features clustered workstations * Printers use bidirectional locic-seekino Drintino * Oscilloscopes have larger CRTs and antireflection * In circuit emulators handle 16 bit and multi- microsystems * Touch input system can provide more than 3000 touch points * Station aids software development for S68000s * Local area network, graphics adapters available for IBM PC * Accounting package assists farmers and ranchers * Self programming module accepts new PROMs * Built in formatter performs multiple functions. * 16 bit EDCU is Motorola's newest LSI building block

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios A. Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Svnch/asvnch converter enables higher data rates

The TP-200M sync/asynch converter from TeleProcessing Products provides error detection and retransmission for applications using leased lines operating in a four-wire mode in either a point-to-point or a multidrop system.

According to the company, the device permits upgrading existing asynchronous systems to higher data rates, reduces data transmission errors and downtime because of the better transmission capabilities, and takes advantage of the more reliable nature of synchronous data modems. The microprocessorbased design includes ARQ error-correction to prevent the display or printing of data that have been incorrectly received over the communications link.

The TP-200M features asynchronous input speeds from 110 bps to 9600 bps, front panel diagnostics, remote test capability, error-cor rection, remote reading of operating parameters, and stand- alone or rack-mountable configurations. Polling, direct dial, and control signal options are available.

The TP-200M blocks input data and uses a 16-bit frame check sequence to ensure the correct reception of each block. When an error is detected, the unit automatically calls for a retransmission of the erroneous data. In networks using asynchronous modems, the TP200M can be used for speed-matching and error-correcting alone. Provisions have been made for the use of X-on, X-off signals to prevent buffer overrun during periods of excessive line hits.

Base price for the TP-200M is $820 to $970 in single quantities. Delivery is 30 days ARO.

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Micro screen editor lets users define function keys

User-definable function keys are available on a microcomputer screen editor that can run on all major hardware systems, including the IBM personal computer and the Apple 11, says Volition Systems, developer of the software.

Called the Advanced System Editor, the software is available for all versions of the UCSD Pascal system. According to the company, it offers OEMs, software suppliers, and end users important advances over the original screen-oriented editor.

Features of the ASK include the capability of editing very large files (size is dictated by disk space not RAM size), eight function keys that can easily accommodate any sequence of

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IEEE Computer Volume 15 Number 12 -- NEW PRODUCTS

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