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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131583D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Jan-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Adapter for LSI 11 and Unibus allows remote Drintina * Inventory management nackeae runs on Wana VS computers * Hard disk subsystems expand Apple II storage capability * Protocol converter provides ASCII terminal IBM link * Minicomputer incorporates Unix operating system * IBM PC graphics printer replaces matrix printer * Information system uses electron beam/laser recording * Cross assembler helps develop M68000 software * Business and personal computer uses CP/M 2.2 * Array Processor achieves 100M flop speed * Management system helps wholesale distributors * Printers offered for Apple Il/111 * 321b display terminal has IBM 3278 plug compatibility * Desktop OCR reads six fonts * Multiuser desktop microsystem has 16 bit processors * Operating system supports multiuser Ada * Workstation automates sofotware development tasks * Graphics display system offers 200 es/pixel vector generation * Bubble memory is designed for multibus microcomputers

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios A. Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Adapter for LSI 11 and Unibus allows remote Drintina

MDB Systems has developed the MDB/ MLSI-PLLAI1, a dual- size adapter module for DEC computers. The MDB/ MLSIPLLAI I provides long-line differential capability to MDB's printer controllers for LSI-I I based systems, allowing placement of the printer up to 3000 feet from the computer.

The MDB/ MLSI-PLLAI I converts the TTL signals from the MLSI-LPI I, which operates printers with Centronics or Dataproducts and other interfaces, or from the MLSI-LPI l- A, which operates printers with a Data Printer interface, to RS-422 balanced differential driver/ receiver circuitry. The module can be placed before or after MDB printer controllers or adjacent to them in Q-bus backplanes. If it is placed in Q-bus slots, the incorporated jumper provision allows DMA priority and grant signals to be passed, and the module acts as a bus grant card.

The PLLAI I can also be used with all MDB printer controllers for Unibus and VAX systems to provide long-line capability to these computers. When used with Unibus controllers, the module occupies the A-B connector positions of the Unibus backplane.

The module has five edge-mounted LEDs that instantly indicate data strobe and acknowledge/demand signals and printer status signals such as On-Line, Ready, and Fault.

Two cables are provided to allow connection of the MLSI- PLLA 11 to MDB-manufactured LSI- I I Q-bus and Unibus/VAX printer controllers. The module can also be used with DEC manufactured controllers if the user fabricates his own connection cables.

The MDB/MLSI-PLLAI I costs $300 in single quantities with delivery 30 days ARO.

(Image Omitted: The printer long-line adapter module, MLSIPLLA11, from MDB Systems allows printers for LSI-11 and Unibus systems to be placed up to 3000 feet from the computer.)

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Inventory management nackeae runs on Wana VS computers

An inventory management package in Wang VS Cobol for use on the entire family of Wang VS computers has been released by Mini-Computer Business Applications.

The l/M package allows interwarehouse transfers as well as issues and receipts. Quantities received in a purchasing unit of measure are automatically converted to the stocking/ selling unit

IEEE Computer Society, Jan 01, 1983 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1, Pages 90-95

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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 1 -- NEW PRODUCTS

of measure. It also provides physical inventory count-tag sup...