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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 2 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131595D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Feb-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Eight bit CP/M based systems connect into 16-user network. * Fortran-77 available for DECsystem-10/20 mainframes * Quarter-inch streamers are compatible with QIC standards * Display generator has CADICAM capabilities * Compact 5/-inch disk drive offers 8 inch performance * Disk controller utilizes ";burst mode"; DMA interface * Mass storage subsystems are DEC.comnatible * Production laser system repairs 64K and 256K RAMs * Storage modules are add-on DEC/Multibus memories * Software provides CalComp compatibility to DEC users * Temperature monitor sub system has resolution of 0.1 * Interface for color graphics terminals allows remote copying ** Printer buffer stores 30 pages * Board adds speech to IBM Personal Computer * Medical office system handles billing and claims * Multiplexor board allows use of Apple 11 with RGB- input * VLS systems have 1/0 throughput of 96M bps * Add on memory offered for IBM 3033 * Firm offers graphics package and subroutines * Software provides electronic filing for TRS 80 Model 111 * ROM simulator facilitates microsystem development

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New Products Editor: Prof. Demetrios A. Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Eight bit CP/M based systems connect into 16-user network.

The TS803, one of two eight-bit models from TeleVideo Systems, is a complete standalone system with two 500K-byte floppy disks and features business quality graphics with a resolution of 640 x 240 pixels. The TS803 can also connect into a service processor to use TeleVideo's network manager, MmmOST.

The second eight-bit model, the TS800, can serve up to 15 additional users as a satellite station, once the user is on NlmmOST, without additional storage.

Both the TS803 and the TS800 have 14-inch screens, and the detachable keyboards allow key repositioning. The TS803 features two slimline floppy disk drives mounted vertically in a towerlike enclosure adjacent to the screen. The cooling system is silent and vents from the tower top. The design reduces heat accumulation in the terminal as well as enhancing system reliability, according to the company.

Standard interface features on both models include one RS- 232 serial port for a modem or serial printer, one parallel Centronicscompatible printer port and an RS-422 port capable of 800K bps communications to either of the TeleVideo multiuser service processors -- the TS806 (up to six user stations) and the TS816 (up to 16 user stations).

Both the TS803 and the TS800 are based on the Zilog Z80A microprocessor, and both come with 64K bytes of RAM, expandable to 128K bytes.

(Image Omitted: The TS803, one of two eight-bit models, developed by Televideo Systems, offers small businesses the opportunity to grow from single-user stations to a full network via

Televideo's MmmOST network manager.)

The fully configured TS803 costs 52495. A 64K memory upgrade is as ailable. The TS800 intelligent workstation costs 51495. OEM discounts are available.

TS803 Reader Service Number 31 TS800 Reader Service Number 32

Fortran-77 available for DECsystem-10/20 mainframes

A version of Fortran for the DECsystem-10 and DECsystem-20 mainframes has been developed by Digital Equipment Corporation. Called Fortran-10/20 Version 7, it supports most of the features of the full language Fortran-77 standard and meets the subset language Fortran-77 standard. Fortran-10/20 runs under the Tops- 10 and Tops-20 and complies with the subset level ANSI standard Fortran-77.

IEEE Computer Society, Feb 01, 1983 Page 1 IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 2, Pages 88-93

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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 2 -- NEW PRODUCTS

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