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IEEE Computer Volume 16 Number 6 -- NEW PRODUCTS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000131623D
Original Publication Date: 1983-Jun-01
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NEW PRODUCTS * Array processor has 64M bytes of data memory * Letter quality printer offered for IBM 34/38 market * Power control box for Apple lI's suppresses surges * Software emulator allows debugging in source language * Dot matrix printer offers range of standard features * Micro users can access 1 7M Telex subscribers * CAD/CAM workstation economizes sn:~ne * Program and utility set simulates CP/M on a VAX * Lockable workstation provides storage space for IBM PC * CAD/CAM system combines digitizing and engraving * Word processor is designed for novice user * System activity monitor is available for Wang VS line * Word processing software is CP/M.86 compatible * Audit and write up system runs on Iris and Bits OS * Handheld box troubleshoots IEEE Std. 488 Bus * QA software detects manufacturing problems * Graphics workstation has MC68000 subsystem * IBM PC card combines four functions * Firmware for Model One allows local database processing * Dual~height card provides 256 colors for graphics displays * Terminal emulates Data General 6053/D200 * Video vector display is alternative to Tektronix 602A * Workstation has emulator and analyzer * G.fi1On wnrkctatinn in now modillar at lower Fact * Modular controller has 15 slots for l/O and memory * 40 column printer with graphics capability offered for PCs

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New Products Editor: Demetrios A. Michalopoulos

California State University, Fullerton

Array processor has 64M bytes of data memory

Numerix Corporation has added the Mars-432 array processor to its line of array processors.

The Mars-432 is a 32-bit floating-point array processor designed for use in a variety of medical, seismic, scientific, and signal processing applications. Features of the Mars-432 include add and multiply times of 100 ns, overall computational power of 30M flops, and a time of I.7 ms to compute a 1024-point FFT. Additional features are DMA transfers at l/O bus rates of 20M bytes per second, data memory read or write in 100 ns, and memory paging for uninterrupted processing during l/O transactions. Direct addressability for up to 16M words of data memory and direct access to the internal bus of the Mars-432 are also included in the design.

Two versions of program memory are offered with the Mars- 432. The standard configuration has a program memory with virtual and physical address space of 4K words. The expanded configuration uses a 4K cache memory to extend the total physical memory to 64K words.

Data memory physical address space is 16M words. Data l/O is supported by DMA trans fers into data memory over the entire address space. Data memory page loading allows the user to have zero overhead background loading of data during time-critical program execution. With this form of I /O, no DMA cyclestealing overhead is incurred and uninterrupted processing can occur simultaneously with l/O transfers.

The architecture of the Mars-432 is designed to support software development tools. Special considerations are included, such as FIFO buffers, at appropriate architectural interfaces to simplify the design and maximize the efficiency of a Fortran compiler. Software development tools include a Fortran development system that provides high-level language access to the Mars-432. The FDS consists of a Fortran compiler, linker, and debugging monitor. Also included as software development tools are a macroassembler and diagnostics package.

The price of a standard configuration with 64K words of data memory is in the $80,000$100,000 range, depending on external interfaces and software options. OEM versions are available in the $50,000 range.

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Letter quality printer offered for IBM 34/38 market

BDS Corporation has introduced the LQ-55 (55 cps) and LQ- 35 (35 cps) letter-quality daisywheel printers, which are aimed at the 34/38 plug-compatible market.

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